Become a Data Engineer consultant at Telia with AW Academy´s 12 weeks program!

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Become a Data Engineer consultant at Telia with AW Academy´s 12 weeks program!

If you had the opportunity to learn coding and data analyze in just 12 weeks, would you take the chance? Telia´s focus on Analytics and to become more data driven has never been bigger, which creates new opportunities that you can be a part of. Come join us at AW Academy for three adventurous months and your position as Data Engineer consultant at Telia will be waiting for you after graduation. We have just started the recruitment process to find four junior Data Engineers for Telia, are you one of them? Do our tests to find out - you find them at the end of the advert.

About the role
As a Data Engineer at Telia you will be a part of the Analytics-team, a unit with a strong passion for data and that is a big part of Telia´s journey of becoming even more data driven. To collect data is easy, the difficult part is to transform data into something valuable. This is where you as a Data Engineering comes in.

Your main task will be to make data available on Telia´s analytical platforms to solve the organization’s needs. Telia, and the team´s goal is to create an analytical and future-oriented platform with modern technology to cover the companies increasing need for quick and good insights. Telia is currently working with several different techniques, but most of the infrastructure is in Amazon Web Services and internally in Hadoop Cloudera. For Telia to succeed with their mission they have started a collaboration with AW Academy where highly motivated and engaged consultants will be trained as junior Data Engineers and who wants to be a part of the journey that lays ahead.

The education has proven to be a successful concept. After graduation you will have a permanent employment at Academic Work and working on a full-time assignment at Telia. The assignment will be on further notice with good opportunities to be recruited to Telia, given that all parties are satisfied with the cooperation. So far, AW Academy has examined over 1700 consultants whose journey we are incredibly proud of, do you want to be one of them?

The AW Academy Way is based on Accelerated Learning which is a quick way to a new career for those who are up for a challenge. Accelerated Learning is based on brain research, focuses on a practical hands-on approach and comes with continuous feedback loops.

After finishing your education with AW Academy, you will start as a Data Engineer consultant at Academic Work with an assignment at Telia. A regular day for a Data Engineer starts with a stand-up meeting with your team where you go through and prioritize the projects and break down your day to specific tasks. Your responsibility is to design, develop, test and maintain robust, secure and scalable solutions for data storage and processing data. To summarize, your main responsibility will be to deliver easy access data with high quality who contributes to the business. The team works with agile methods (SAFe) which means that you will work both independently as well as in your team where you’ll have the support from your senior colleagues. The level and complexity related to the task will increase over time and will initially be adapted to your previous experience and knowledge.

Further on, you will be a part of a creative, motivated, and informal company sitting in modern office spaces in Solna at Mall of Scandinavia. At Telia they respect and value all types of people and cultures where they believe in the right to be yourself with the equal opportunity for everyone to develop.

We are looking for
To be able to apply for AW Academys training program you need to:

  • Be minimum 18 years old

  • Has excellent knowledge in English in both writing and speaking and have good knowledge in Swedish

  • Has passed both abilities test

  • Has a great interest in IT

To take on the role as an IT consultant through AW Academy you don’t need any previous experience within the area but what you do need is the right capacity, personality traits and engagement to start your new career. We believe that you are a person who wants to take part of new knowledge, who takes responsibility for your work from A-Z and who is willing to go that extra mile to reach a goal. At the same time, you’re not afraid to challenge yourself, your knowledge and who likes to have continues discussion with your teammates for different solutions.

Furthermore, you are someone who spread good energy to your surrounding and who likes to cooperate with different people and therefore you have good communication skills! To summarize, we are looking for your who are:

  • Solutions-oriented

  • Cooperative

  • Responsible

  • Flexible


  • Start of program: 20th of May

  • Graduation: 27th of August

  • Extent of education: Full time, 9-17

  • Due to the current Covid-19 situation the education will be remote.

  • Place of work after finished education: Solna

  • The recruitment process: We work after and ongoing selection and where the process contains two ability tests and two interviews. You have to pass every test to be able to send in your application for the program. To increase your changes for a place – finish the tests as soon as possible!

  • Apply for AW Academy by click on the ”Apply here on another site” or “Ansök här på annan site” and then click on “Perform test” or “Utför test” in the top of the website.

  • Specific questions about the AW Academy and the education will be answered at Academymail during office hours. We do not accept applications through email.

We believe that the time for a new type of learning and education style has come. Therefore, we started AW Academy who is a school that offers Accelerated Learning Programs to prepare and educate people with the right talent, capacity and ambitions for new challenges and career paths. We do this by combining a solid recruitment process who focus on what individuals can do tomorrow, not what they did yesterday. At the same time, we tailor educational package from a cooperation with some of the best teachers within their area of expertise. This creates a learning environment where ambitious individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

AW Academy is a part of Academic Work and together, we are building the school of the future – right now!

Client information
Telia is one of Scandinavia’s biggest telecom company. As a modern tech-company, Telia is the center of the digital ecosystem who makes it possible for people, organizations and societies to access everything that is important to them on their terms, every hour of the year. Every day, Telia’s 2300 talented and gifted colleagues meets with thousands of clients every day in the worlds most connected countries. Together with their partners, Telia creates the future for our digital citizens and bring clients closer all around the world.

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Become a Data Engineer consultant at Telia with AW Academy´s 12 weeks program!

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