Laboratory Data Analyst

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Laboratory Data Analyst

Modis Life Science is now looking for a consultant for an assignment at AstraZeneca in Gothenburg. The assignment is initially until end of year. Send your application no later than April 28th.

About the role

This facility will be used for high throughput screening for COVID-19 screening of AstraZeneca Key Workers. Staff within this laboratory will be expected to work a shift pattern to enable 16 hours a day operation across 5 days a week – Tuesday to Saturday. Hours for this role is 12pm- 9pm. Please apply only if you are satisfied you can accommodate these working hours.

This role covers responsibilities in two main areas: the Analysis of PCR data generated from human specimens to assess the presence/absence of SARS-Cov-2 virus and generation of the data at the Molecular Biology Laboratories.

Analysis of PCR data: Primary responsibilities include: liaising with Covid-19 Assessment Laboratory Scientists to receive exported PCR data; data QC analysts of PCR data and correct tracking and recording of the analysis in the appropriate LIMS database (utilising a proprietary off the shelf data analysis package).

Key Requirements for this role:

  • Experience in RT-PCR data analysis

  • Previous experience of data analysis software and use of LIMS and databases desirable

  • Attention to detail, strictly adhering to SOPs

  • Working and communicating across a fast-paced cross organisational team.

Molecular Biology: Scientists working in the Molecular Biology Laboratories are responsible for all process stages from fully automated RNA extraction and RT-PCR workflows to the delivery of PCR based results to data analysts. This work is performed to Biological Safety Level 1 (BSL1) with appropriate PPE. Applicants should be comfortable performing this process while using PPE.

Primary responsibilities include: the operation of Beckman I series robotics to perform automated magnetic bead RNA extraction procedures; tracking samples through the LIMS system; RT-PCR reaction setup including manual pipetting as well as automated plate preparation using benchtop automation equipment; setting up molecular assays on qPCR instruments; and inspection and exporting of primary and QC results for subsequent downstream analysis by Data/QC analysts. Individuals will receive full technical and safety training for this whole process which will be performed to strictly defined COVID-19 specific SOPs.

Key Requirements for this role:

  • Work in BSL1 lab with previous experience of automation and molecular biology techniques preferred.

  • Work with human biological specimens. HepB Vaccination advised.

  • Work with samples which may contain SARS-Cov-2 would be desirable.

  • Attention to detail to ensure chain of custody of all samples, strictly adhering to SOPs

  • Working and communicating across a fast-paced cross organisational team.

  • Experience with RT-PCR data analysis would be desirable

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Laboratory Data Analyst

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