Mobile developer to join PlayAd Media Group

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Mobile developer to join PlayAd Media Group

We’re looking for a React Native developer who has experience in developing single applications to be published across Android and iOS. This is a good opportunity to create a production application used by some of the largest media groups in the Nordics!

About the role

PlayAd Media Group is a digital video company founded in 2009, with in-house platforms for video advertisements, web tv, live streaming, and playback. PlayAd match premium advertisers to premium publishers with premium content, and have established a whole ecosystem around the online video industry through staff and technology.

PlayAd knows the value of a team that works well together and shares knowledge. Whilst different team members have strengths in different areas, everybody works in each area over time to gain experience and knowledge, everybody writes tests, and everybody helps to review code. We like to work carefully and take the time needed to ensure what we put into our products is of good quality and reliable.

You are offered

  • A healthy work/life balance with a low-stress workplace, work at a comfortable pace for you, go home on time and don’t take your work with you.

  • An understanding that personal development is important to you as a person. Opportunities to grow in your role, to go to events & conferences, and learn other areas of the business if you wish.

  • Take time with the rest of the team to work on individual or group ideas, take time to learn a new language or technology, take time when you need to.

  • A competitive salary, hardware, and software you want to work with, support from a great team.

Job duties

This role is to lead the project on PlayAd’s upcoming mobile application for consuming, uploading, and broadcasting video content. Whilst this application will be written in React Native, experience in native iOS and Android development is a plus as we will be working with some native SDKs to be integrated with the application.

Our mobile application will be a fresh project, so we’re looking for someone who can direct the project from the beginning through to the end from design decisions, services to use, to publishing the applications on the respective stores. There will be multiple parts to the application, but the key parts will be live streaming, uploading video content, and playback of content accessed via our platform’s API.

With this role, we are also looking for someone who can work with a more junior application developer and help them develop their skills and knowledge as they will assist you on this project. PlayAd has in-house designers who can help you make the application look great, and you will be part of the main development team who can evolve our API around the application to provide the best experience to our customers.

We are looking for

  • Applicants should have 3-5+ years of working development experience

  • Experience in React Native for multi-platform applications is required.

  • Lingual languages of Swedish or English, and the ability to work in our Stockholm office.

As a person you have:

  • A willingness to be helpful and part of the team, help others if they get stuck as they will help you, see the value in code reviews, learn about the way we work and the products we work on.

  • The ability and desire to learn languages and parts of the technical stack that you may not be familiar with, we don’t expect you to become an expert, but a diverse skill set is mutually beneficial.

  • See the benefit of working at a calm productive pace, taking the time needed - from concept to tests, and being proud of the work that you contribute to the products you work on.

Other information

  • Start: According to agreement

  • Work extent: Full-time, permanent position

  • Location: Grev Turegatan 27, Stockholm

  • Contact information: This recruitment process is conducted by Academic Work. It is a request from PlayAd that all questions regarding the position is handled by Academic Work.

Our selection process is continuous and the advert may close before the recruitment process is completed if we have moved forward to the screening or interview phase.

Client information

At PlayAd Media Group, we’re working towards a sustainable environment within the video sector by cooperating with hundreds of Nordic media houses, publishers, and content producers where revenue is divided equally and we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the biggest Nordic digital channel. Our products are used on a daily basis by a large portion of the Nordic population, and we have strong principles to be a good actor in a turbulent industry.

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Mobile developer to join PlayAd Media Group

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