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Software Developers to Epiroc

Software Developers to Epiroc -join our teams!

Our business within digitalization and automation is growing and creates an opportunity for you as a skilled software developer within C++, C#, .NET, Azure or Python to join us. Do you want to work in the leading edge with software development for automation, connectivity and control of rigs, loaders and trucks? Do you also want to be part of a high performing agile team focusing on deliver customer value?

Anna Landström has been working at Epiroc since last fall, she is a Software developer now working as a Project Manager. Read Anna´s experience from working with us:

What do you think of Epiroc as an employer?

I like that Epiroc is a big company. I have many colleagues and so much knowledge gathered – if I don’t know the answer or need advice – there is always someone there to ask! I also enjoy working with people all over the world, in my role I have frequent contact with developers in Chile, South Africa, Australia, USA and Canada. And it’s also very variated work. There are big customer projects, smaller maintenance projects, optimization projects, and huge EU sponsored projects where we work together with other market leading companies. It’s a place to grow as developer, project manager or whatever your role is, really.

Is working at Epiroc as you expected?

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect! But it doesn’t really matter because I love my job as it turned out! I probably didn’t realize before I started at Epiroc how complex it is to build the whole chain, from the actual machine, network, operating systems and control systems, data monitoring, to cloud platforms and web portals and APIs for machine data. I love being part of that chain!

When you talk about your job what does your friends find most surprising?

I think it’s the fact that we have 220 software developers in Örebro and nobody knows about Epiroc building software! And then people will ask “Why do you need software for the machines?” And I will answer something like: “Well, for the same reasons there is software in your car… And a lot more than that! We can drive our machines tele remote, and autonomously. Some run on batteries, some on diesel engines which demand different software. We need to collect data about the machines performance and production, and then visualize it to the customers that use our machines. For them it is really important to have information about the machines, and to know how the machine is producing in the mine”

Why would you recommend skilled software developers to start working at Epiroc?

I think Epiroc is a fantastic place to work at! There is a lot of things happening, and if you are interested you can also influence how the organization and ways of working improves. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of employer. Everyone is really helpful, and I’ve never felt like I couldn’t ask a stupid question. There will probably be a lot of problem solving, and as I mentioned before - To control machines and build autonomous solution is sometimes challenging since it involves to build the whole chain form machine to visualizing the data in the end. I have never been bored at work so to speak!

Do you have a good work life balance?

Yes, balancing work and spare time is easy at Epiroc, which is very important to me having two kids. There has never been a problem working from home if needed, and taking vacation and parental leave or time off is very flexible.

Does we sounds like an employer for you? Contact us and learn more about what we do and how it is to work at Epiroc!

Application and contact

Write a short letter about yourself and describe your match. You can apply on this position or follow the links to apply to the different teams.  

Underground Drilling Applications  –

Fleet management and Interoperability
Surface and Exploration Drilling Applications -
Platform Development -
Software Developer Communication -
Software C++ Load, Haul and Dump -

Last day to apply is 2019-08-31.

For questions about the position please contact recruiting manager Jimmy Holler, Mobile: +46 (0) 736 511352, or recruiter specialist Ann-Sofie Pihl 076-697 69 54

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Software Developers to Epiroc