Technical Writer with interest in software, collaboration and customers – Jabra (Ballerup, Denmark)

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Technical Writer with interest in software, collaboration and customers – Jabra (Ballerup, Denmark)


For the Digitally Managed Eco-system (DiME) team, Jabra is hiring a Technical Writer. As Technical Writer, the role will gather, author and structure technical information for Jabra software solutions, so that we ensure that Jabra’s digital devices are optimally integrated and deliver full value to both partners and their customers.

The Scene

At Jabra, we believe that making the world sound better improves the quality of life. We make professional audio and video devices to assist people communicating and collaborating better in the increasingly digital world.

The devices can enrich conversations with customers, colleagues, as well as partners, by complementing outstanding sound quality with advanced digital features like on-device call control, noise-management, and even conversation profiling.

In the DiME team, we help our solution partners around the world integrate our digital capabilities into their solutions, to the benefit of the end-users of the solutions:

  • We guide and support our partners on how to integrate Jabra software components into software systems and solutions, and we provide technical assistance when needed.
  • We develop new value-add-cases and foster innovation with the partners around solutions for better talking to customers.
  • We manage and participate in the digital eco-systems built around our products and the solutions of our partners.

Our partners use Jabra software modules and APIs to integrate their communication solutions with our digital devices, building solutions that provide both parties in a conversation with a best-in-class user experience. The advanced digital features let system integrators and developers put high-quality sound and a high level of control in the hands (or ears) of the users.

The Jabra software solution components are deployed on PCs, Macs, and handheld devices. Jabra software modules and APIs are available on a range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, NodeJS/Electron, and Chromium based browsers.

The Role

As Technical Writer, you will be the key responsible for authoring and communicating information about the why and how of our devices and software solution components to the various stakeholders of our partners. These include product managers, project managers, developers, testers, and solution marketeers.

To do so, you will need to plan and structure the documentation suite, and discover, collate, and verify the required base information from multiple sources within Jabra (including engineering, product management, and product marketing). Working with system architects and software developers in Jabra, you will then create the externally oriented descriptions, guides and reference documents that enable our partner to integrate and deploy the Jabra functionality to the end-user.

You will help support our on-line community of integration partners. We support them through a digital and on-line platform, where the aim is to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to learn the why, how, and what of integrating Jabra technology into the partner’s platforms. A key aim with the digital platform is to provide a smooth an on-line customer journey for all stakeholders of our integration partners.

You will have the following functions and duties:

  • Author technical documentation that targets various stakeholders in software solution organisations (developers, product managers, project managers, solution architects etc).
  • Gather Information from across Jabra’s technical and marketing organization.
  • Structure information into online-navigable documentation messaging and structures, as well as more document-oriented formats.
  • On-going maintenance of the published material, with updates from engineering as well as feedback from partners.
  • Synchronisation with other tech writers in Jabra on format, style, and tools

Your chances of success in the role increase if you have some or most of the following skills and experience:

  • Fluent in English, Nordic languages are a bonus.
  • Experienced in technical writing to diverse target audiences (5+ years).
  • Experience with design of technical documentation structure for external partners.
  • Skilled in understanding target audience profiles, and suitable message creation style.
  • Interest in software development and programming concepts, especially in modern network and cloud environments.
  • Experience with working across departments, and with external partners and customers alike.
  • Proven ability to communicate complex technical concepts in simple language.
  • Experience reading technical documentation for modern API etc.

The role is full-time, and based in Ballerup, Denmark. As part of the team’s purpose and mission, we support flexible (on-line) working conditions during the week. Nevertheless, regular presence in Ballerup will be required due to the wide spread of information sources in the company.

Application deadline

To apply, please use the ‘APPLY’ link no later than Sunday 19 September, 2021. We hope to conduct interviews by end of September. 

If you want to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Sten Lawaetz, Director, Digitally Managed Eco-systems on +45 6161 0777.


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Technical Writer with interest in software, collaboration and customers – Jabra (Ballerup, Denmark)

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