Wordpress Developer

For our client Lund University, we are looking for an experienced WordPress Developer to take part in the project of creating their new website. You will be part of a team with broad experience within web development and work as an extra resource helping them achieve their goals.

The assignment is set to start after the summer and will continue to the end of the year 2021.


In this project we are looking for a senior WordPress Developer that can work on different assignments together with the team. 

Listed below are the different tasks that the consultant needs to work on in collaboration with other team members:

  • A WordPress theme will have to be developed and tailored to the needs of the client web pages. Start with the Sage starter theme and build custom components.

  • A 12 column Bootstrap grid will have to be implemented. The grid should also be tailored for responsive/mobile use. 

  • Specific stylesheets reflecting the given design will have to be produced. The styling can be broken down into two different categories, the main of which will be the backbone and the second of which as supplemental styling. 

  • In several places on the website the client will need interactive SVG images. The images should be styled from provided SVG files and rendered in a way that is also accessible from mobile devices. 

  • A mega menu showing 2nd and 3rd tier pages will be needed.

  • Need to create a set of template pages that can act as “base” editing frames for various editors. 

  • Create a customized video player in the client’s design.

  • For podcasts and other audio content we will need an audio player in the client’s design

  • In order to ease the editorial process for users, the client would like the ability to add in tailored sections to the various pages, specifically the main and landing pages. In a perfect world these sections would be drag-and-drop from Guttenberg blocks.

Your profile

To be successful in this you need to have the experience listed below: 


  • Theme and plugin development experience

  • Experience with starter themes like Sage

  • Experience of working with Wordpress MySQL database

  • Knowledge of prominent Wordpress plugins for security, LDAP connectivity etc

  • Knowledge or experience with the CMIS protocol for CMS systems is a merit

  • Experience of securing Wordpress deployments


  • Expertise in general web development including experience with webservers like Apache and NginX

  • Expertise in front end development - HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript and JQuery, Bootstrap


  • Git

  • Experience of building and deploying Docker containers

  • Experience with K8S/OpenShift, helm charts is a merit

For this role you need to be fluent in English since you will be working with a multilingual team. 

We will present candidates on an ongoing basis so send in your application as soon as possible! 

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